BAC Alerts Sign-up

In the event of an emergency or unexpected event, the BAC Emergency Response Staff will engage the BAC Alerts system. This system will notify subscribers of pertinent information via mobile text message or email and will be used in conjunction with the BAC website, blog, and answering system. BAC messaging will only be sent to students, faculty, staff, and community members who register for the service. This system will only be used for emergency purposes.

Alerts Policy

In the event of an emergency or unexpected building closure, BAC emergency response staff will determine the best information to disperse given the knowledge available at the time.

The BAC works in conjunction with Longwood Security and Boston city officials to formulate action plans prior to possible emergency scenarios; however each emergency may present its own unique challenges.


Interested parties are encouraged to enroll at the beginning of each term and may elect to auto-renew for up to eight terms. After the beginning of the term, new enrollments are processed every three to five business days. The BAC Alerts system sends messages to phone numbers and emails that subscribers have provided the BAC through the BAC Alerts system. Subscribers are responsible for keeping contact information up-to-date in BAC Alerts via their BAC Alerts account. The BAC will not update contact information in the alert system based on any other information that may have been submitted to student affairs, registrar, bursar or staff member.


The BAC Alerts system will send directives and notices to active subscribers based on the best available information. However, as with any emergency or unplanned event, circumstances may prevent messaging, so it is important for subscribers to utilize multiple resources if necessary. The terms of this policy may change at any time, and without notice.


The BAC Alert system will only be utilized during emergency situations; it is vital that subscribers pay attention to messages and directives. It is important that those in affected areas alert others in their immediate vicinity as not all constituents will have registered for, or, have access to the system.

The BAC will use this system only for emergency and building closure messaging. Occasionally test messages will be sent. At no time will any purely informational or marketing messages be sent.

At least 1 email address is required to sign up. This will be used to manage your registration.


To remove your name and number click on "Recover your account" and enter the BAC email or personal email you would like to unsubscribe. When your receive the email from the BAC alerts page, click on the link provided. This will bring you to the BAC alerts sign-up page where you can select Delete My Registration

Please contact if you are having problems registering.